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Soundworld of the Yijing (I Ching)

The music of the eight trigrams

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Yet Rudolf Steiner strived creating music unisono with nature pertaining to Paul Hindeminth who encouraged to relate the keynote C to the present time quality. Maria Renold describes the difference in the effect of tempered music, based on the standard A = 440 Hz and music of natural tones, based on C = 128 Hz which correlates to standard A = 432 Hz, in her Book: „Von Intervallen, Tonleitern, Tönen und dem Kammerton C = 128 Hz“ published in 1985. A such is qualified for „spirit regulation“ for untuned inner life without being esoteric or just sounding healthful. Every kind of music can be played with it. The laws of nature, of music and spirit are identical. It stands to reason that the structures of the Yijing (I Ching) may be used for musical purposes, particularly since the numerological symmetry of 0-1-2-4-8-16-32-64 is also found in the 8 Hz-Theory, beginning with the primal tone OM.

Music of the eight trigrams: touching, delighting, arousing, clarifying, comforting, conciliative, embracing, and opening. In its virtue so dynamical, as nature reflects us in its sequence of days, years and life.

Some personal words concerning this project

„In the course of years analyzing the inner structures of the Yijing (I Ching), I have become aware of its profound wisdom illustrating the coherencies in life and the world. They have taken place in my heart to play the melody of serenity expressed in happiness and enthusiasm. It has always been my wish to transform this life-cosmos of changes into sound, melody and rhythm. Following intensive working, this first project is now completed: transforming the dynamics of the eight trigrams into music. What has come to being, is what I would like to call atmospheric images of primal forces, that encroaches upon the depth of spiritual existence. „Klangworlds of the Yijing“ is not music to be heard en passant. It is rather that dimensions of space are opened, that invite to allow falling in on a journey and coming back clarified.

I am sincerely grateful to all those involved.“

René van Osten, initiator and spiritual father of the project.


Monochord und spiritual father of the project

René van Osten
studied music, specializing in drums, percussion and music therapy in 1972. Beside many engagements in a variety of music projects, he studied philosophy, psychology and eastern wisdom teachings. Since youth he has been especially fascinated by the greatest writing in human history: „I Ching – The Book of Changes“. 1982 first seminars and developing projects related to the Yijing (I Ging). 1995 his first book was published:  „I Ging – The Book of Life“ and many others followed. 2002 founding the ZhanDao Akademy of the Yijing and since then educating internationally as a lecturer and seminar facilitator. 2013 development of the Yijing Monochord.


Komposition, Arrangement and Productions

Heinz Becker-Lehfeldt (Kompositions, Arrangements, Guitar, Programming)

works as composer, a director, conducting an orchestra, produces shows, operas and concerts throughout the world from Los Angeles, Paris to Monaco and Stockholm among others. Performers he worked with: musical director for Chico and the Gypsies, Gösta Winbergh and Peter Kraus, as a musician and director for Clark Brothers, Howard Carpendale, Roland Kaiser, Jennifer Rush, Precious Wilson, Anna Maria Kaufmann, Ayman, Deborah Sasson, Phil Wilson and arranging for Horst Jankowski and the RIAS Big Band, NDR Big Band, HR Big Band, Potsdamer Symphony. Today, he lives in Berlin and mainly works as a „realisateur“ of concepts all around music and fine arts.


Mike Ungefehr (Soundcollage, Mix, Production)

born in 1949, lives and works in Germany. Mike and his band signed its first recording deal with EMI when Mike was only 16. His international success started with VSOP, the „Vienna Symphonic Orchestra Project“, selling over 3,5 mio albums all over Europe and Japan and the first No. 1 record in USA, Timmy Tee with “One More Try”. Then, in 1994, the story of „The Kelly Family“ began. Responsible for their career as a manager and executive producer. In 2004, Mike was responsible for the production and worldwide commercializing of José Carreras’ album „Energia“. Today, Mike works internationally as a manager, producer, publisher and marketing/PR consultant. Contact:



Alexandra Marisa Wilcke (Vocals)
living in Berlin, she is an actress and vocalist whose voice is known well among others by her movie synchronization. (Lord of the Rings, James Bond Casino Royale, Monsieur Claude und seine Töchter, Person of Interest, Pocahontas). She also starred at the theater over a long period of time (The Good Woman of Setzuan, Ghetto, Ab heute heißt Du Sara, Tabaluga und Lilli, Romeo und Julia). In the last years she has dedicated herself to her love for spiritual music. She made a name for herself by performing the songs of Hildegard von Bingen.


Dan Collette (Trumpet)
was born in New York and lives in Berlin today. He was a solo trumpet player for many years on Broadway in the greatest musicals such as A Chorus Line, Cats, West Side Story, and many others. He played in many productions and concerts for the Rolling Stones (Undercover and Dirty Work Albums), The Temptations, Bette Midler, Manhattan Transfer, Whoopi Goldberg, Angela Lansbury, Julie Andrews, The Sopranos, Don Rickles, Nancy Sinatra, Tony Bennett. In the course of years he played with musicians like Oscar Peterson, Barney Kessel, Milt Hinton, Bireli Lagrene, Stephane Grappelli, Phillip Catherine, Joe Pass, Ravi Shankar.


Martin Weiss (Violin, Guitar)
was born in Berlin 1961. His origin is from a traditional Sinti family of musicians. His grandfather taught him everything about music which  knowledge was passed on by his forefathers. At the age of 17 he was the shootingstar of the Hän´sche Weis Ensemble and celebrated international success. Exploring new horizons, he left his uncle’s band in 1994. Since then he has been tracking his own musical ambition, touring throughout the world with his Sinti Jazz Ensemble.


Oliver Saar (Contrabass Saxophone, Sopran Saxophon)
lives in Berlin since the mid-nineties and can be heard on the actual SEEED CD. Among others, he played with bands and musicians like Barbara Schöneberger, Pigor und Eichhorn, Yamil Borges, Die Zöllner and in diverse radio productions. He was responsible for the music in the Witzigmann-Palazzo in Köln.


Roland Neffe (Vibraphone)
studied classical percussion and jazz vibraphone at the Berkley College of Music Boston. Roland Neffe has established his reputation musically border crossing and playing in different bands from the jazz division to ensembles of modern music. Current projects: Vibes Beyond, Wood&Steel Trio, Ensemble Mosaik, various performances at Festivals as well as on behalf of the Goethe Institute and the Austrian Kulturforums: Festival Presences Paris, Köln Triennale.

The Water

Since the music of the eight trigrams is a closely linked complete work, a short sequence of played music for one minute will not procure a sufficient hearing impression. Therefore, we will respectively put out one title of the eight compositions at monthly intervals. Best enjoyed with headphones.